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PC help when you need it...

  • PC Service
  • Remote Support
  • Web Development
  • Small Business
  • Non-Profit - Including Churches!

All your Tech Needs Solved

What I Do

PC Service

Need in person service? Or looking to drop off your system? Both are great options. Especially when your system is broken to the point you can't get to Windows. 

Remote Service

Have one of "Those" questions where you just want someone to look at the problem on your screen and help you fix it? The Remote Service is a perfect option for you.

Web Developement

Whether you need a personal, family or business site. I can build and maintain your site.


Looking for someone to come install the Internet package you just bought? Or make your network more secure? Or want your network to be fully managed so you don't have to?

PC Recommendations

Confused by all the options out there? Let me help sort through all the mess!

  • Work
  • Gaming
  • School
  • Server

Have a office full of systems?

Finding yourself with a bunch of office systems on all different versions of OS and software and just want them all the same?

Check out Fully Managed Services.

Managed PC Services


$15 a Month / $180 Billed Yearly - Per System

  • Remote Support
  • Anti-Virus
  • System Monitoring
  • Windows Updates
  • DNS Filtering

Additional / Business

Pricing & Terms vary depending on needs

  • O365 Backup
  • Printer Management
  • Email filtering
  • VPN
  • Password Manager
  • Other Services available upon request 

These are added services for Residential or included in Business 

Hourly rate for Technical assistance $90 


I have used Justin for my IT needs personally and for the non-profit organization, HEED Uganda, I founded. Justin makes my life so much less stressful because he provides the IT knowledge I lack for our organization. He often solves problems remotely so I can quickly get back to work.  Justin designed and maintains our non-profit’s website, and has researched and implemented software applications that have made us more effective. Justin has trained key staff to utilize new technology and set up new hardware for us on multiple occasions. When faced with perplexing tech issues, Justin digs until he finds a solution. You are in good hands with Justin!

Julie Secrist

Founder of HEED Uganda

Major Clients